Dave's Keyboard and Synth Picture Gallery

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Here's a neat shot from a few years later...hey, where did all my hair go?

Left: Yamaha CP-70, Prophet 600

Middle: Rhodes Chroma, Korg CX-3

Right: Korg BX-3, Arp String Ensemble?, Minimoog



For a while I wasn't too sure about that new fangled MIDI thing...

For this concert I had 2 Chromas controlled from an Apple IIe, using early proprietary sequencing software from Rhodes. The Chromas have a high speed parallel port which connects to plug-in cards in the Apple. I think I sequenced the entire orchestral ending to "Knights in White Satin" or something. The round pad to the left bottom is a Synare digital tympani.



Here are my beloved Chroma and Chroma Expander today.

I recently acquired an ultra-rare Chroma Expander to finally replace the one which was stolen from me years ago. This is one rig I will NEVER part with! I love the musical sound, the incredible patching flexibility, and the wonderful wooden keyboard. Yes, it's a pain to program. I actually LIKE to program it, so call me weird. I need to refinish both pieces to get rid of the famous 'Chroma Anvil case foam rot', and to match the colors better. There is a fabulous website for Chroma owners here.

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